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caoimhebarr The Leaving Cert — 06/05/16 2

Hey guys, just wondering if anybody is feeling the way I am, im not one bit motivated anymore and my leaving cert is in 5 weeks!!!! How do I get my motivation back? When I think about studying I get overwhelmed at everything i have to do.

Banik — 05/05/16
Well, this tends to happen to me very often. I merely just watch videos of people getting their results back in August ( The Leaving Cert all leads up to that in the first place anyway) . And just think about the guys that got the points they deserved, then imagine that I'm capable of doing that too. It's a bit cringeworthy but it really helps. Good luck in June!
caoimhebarr — 06/05/16
Thank you so much thats really helpful :)
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