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Physics & Chemistry
annemariejordan The Leaving Cert — 26/09/16 5

Can I take up the subject "Physics and Chemistry" while doing each subject on its own aswell

michaels — 25/09/16
I think physics and chem is on at the same time as physics but you should ask a teacher because if you do physics and chemistry separately you could be looking at an easy A or B
shanemacken2000 — 26/09/16
No, because it is always on at the same time as Physics
annemariejordan — 26/09/16
Then can you do chemistry and physics and chemistry
Malik12 — 26/09/16
Yes because they r on separate days
Alexfarrell01 — 26/09/16
Hate d Chemistry with a passion. Do us a favour someone and send notes of it. Dead sound
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