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    Points? niamh.morrissey.73

    Is it abit late to start studying for 475 in the LC? I'm doing all honours, including maths, should i drop french or maths?

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      It's never too late.

      If you're doing all honours, and passing, you'll be fine. To put it into perspective, since you're aiming for 475 points, it means you will need to get 79% in 6 subjects. Sure, it's a lot. But it's never too late to go from a D to a B if you put the work in now. It's almost 3 months until the Leaving. Just work hard and it will be over with.

      I'll refer you to a thread I just created to show you how you can plan your next three months.

      Also, don't drop any subjects. If you're just doing 6 subjects, don't drop any. If you're doing 7+, I suggest you drop to ordinary level on your hardest subjects. This will mean the remaining one or two subjects will be there as a back up just IN CASE you fail a subject and you'll at least have 40 points to fall back on.

      You've learned the stuff in school. Now just study and get it over with. Make a plan just like I did or copy mine if you do the same subjects as I do.

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