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    Possible to repeat Leaving Cert year? Study5thYear

    Hi, I'm only in 5th year, but the amount of homework I get just discourages me from actually studying, which I really haven't much done. I can only imagine 6th year to be much worse! :/

    I only turned 16 in August, so I'll only be short of nearing 18 doing the Leaving. Heck, I know one or two skippers in my year who are even older than me, honest.

    Just to note, is it possible to repeat, and will this circumstance have an impact on my third-level if I do 6th year again? I just want to have the benefit, because I am a stressful person and I just don't get much done most of the time; and this had a surreal impact on my Junior.

    Any suggestions? Would you consider it? What are your ideas?

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      Oh yeah, sorry, forgot to mention, I'm aiming for 550. Subjects need to improve on heavily are English, Irish & Maths (All Higher atm). That'll probably go for Med or Computer Science.. haha I honestly don't know what to do specifically tbh.

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      If you cant cope with Leaving Cert stress and workload I really wouldn't recommend a career in medicine

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      yes you can in some schools ask your guidance counsellor

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      ya u can repeat my best friend is repeating his because he didn't get the points he wanted he skipped 4th yr and i did it. i don't think he should have skipped but ya u are able to repeat

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      I have great notes available if you wish

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      what are the notes for?

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      I'm in fifth year too and I am under the same pressure, I know exactly how you feel (cliché as that sounds). Doing 6th year again is an option but make sure to talk to guidance counsellor or maybe your principal first. Don't give up yet. Everybody finds fifth year hard to start with but once you keep up with all your work that's half the battle won! Don't be panicking just yet, focus on doing the best you can with what you have

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      Alright, thank you.

      I suppose I can't imagine what it'll be like in 6th year. I just have to learn to get on top of things this year I guess.

      Oh yeah and I've dropped Medicine since you have to do the H-pad which I heard is really difficult so I give up. I might as well as choose other areas where relevant.

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