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    PROCRASTINATION! ciara_man

    I'm in 5th year and plan to study each night for but always get distracted. I have my phone off, wifi off and a designated area for study, but I still can't reach my study targets each night :( I end up staring at the walls just to do something apart from study! Anyone have any tips? Thank you in advance :)

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      Keep telling yourself that if you get your targets done, you can do whatever you want then. There's only a few more months left of school and then its summer! If you do the study now, leaving cert will be much easier. I agree that it is hard to avoid procrastination.

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      Thanks a million. I'll try!

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      No Probs! :)

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      Stephanie K

      @ciara I feel exactly the same as you, it's so annoying

      Do u work off a study plan or time table or something, I can't seem to stick to them, it's frustrating

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      Stephanie K

      @ciara can I ask you do you have a good French teacher? Does she give you lists of vocab to learn for different topics eg food countries hobbies etc! I have a shocking teacher and I feel that I have to do all the work myself. If you had lists of vocab would you mind sharing them with me. Thanks very much

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      i find supervised study the best, I find it impossible to study at home. i go to Kilmartins for study and it has helped me so much, i did it in 5th year aswell. with supervised study you have no choice but to study. its definitely worth it especially when you go into 6th year

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      I am in sixth year at the moment and I'm having the same problem, If you can try break that habit and get yourself motivated in 5th year, you'll thank yourself next year. I know that's easier said than done! Let yourself have a treat or a two minute break whenever you need it, even if that is very often at the start. After a while you won't get agitated and want to stop because you'll know you can leave whenever you need to. As a result, you won't feel the need to stop for a much longer period of time. Just make sure your breaks are short and you actually go back, don't go anywhere near a tv :D good luck!

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      Usually I end up staring off into space when I've been studying for too long and my attention span has worn out. Maybe that's the problem? Short bursts of concentrated study with lots of small breaks can be really helpful I think.

      Study 20 mins, then have a 5 minute break and keep going like that maybe?

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      Make targets for every night and tick them off as you go along and take breaks every 30 or 40 minutes or you will lose concentration

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      @Stephanie K - I work off a study plan but I can never seem to keep track with it! I have an amazing French teacher but there's a lot to learn for French so is there anything you're looking for in particular? Duolingo is a very good app if you need some help with French. Twenty minutes a day and it's not a chore, I find it kind of fun :)

      Thanks to everyone for the advise and best wishes!

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      Stephanie K

      Thanks very much! Would you have notes and vocab on the environment, smoking and alcohol- the topical issues?? Thanks

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      No sorry, I have one sentence on alcohol but thats about it :(

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