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Revise wise vs less stress more success
sophie544 The Leaving Cert — 01/03/18 7

What revision books do people find best for the following subjects especially religion: Business Maths Biology English Irish French Accounting Religion ***

lukebrn — 01/08/16
Hey! For Maths, English and French definitly less stress more success. I give maths grinds all around Dublin if you are interested! The cheapest rates too.
sophie544 — 10/08/16
lukebrn — 10/08/16
Aisling1998 — 11/08/16
Bump = bring up my post For Irish I found a grammar revision book was better than a general one but I also use less stress more success for Irish.
Maths Genius — 16/08/16
Irish- gleasnotaí French- revise wise Maths revision books aren't worth it in my opinion Biology- revise wise Hope that helps ��
mcclave — 16/08/16
www.facebook.com/myleavingcertnotes Far the best by far
Pauly101 — 01/03/18
Add mocks_hub on snapchat for access to every mock paper subject from 2018-2009 with marking schemes from both debexams and examcraft (JC/LC/LCA). This can be used as a great revision tool for the actual exam.
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