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    Science subjects nms2001

    I'm in 3rd year at the moment,(skipping TY going straight to 5th year)and I want to do radiography in college and I need one science subject for the course which science subject is the easiest to study?

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      There isn't any easiest out of the three. It depends on which one of the sciences you like the most. Chemistry has a short course but there is maths and physics has maths as well. It's not hard maths but you have to like and be willing to do math. There is a lot of undertanding in both where as Biology is straight forward but a lot of learning new words and terms.

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      I do Biology and Chemistry and I find Biology way easier to learn. It really depends on your strengths to be honest, If you're good at Maths you'll be happy out in Chemistry. If you don't like maths, pick Biology. I have friends that do physics and they all find it very difficult, but if thats you're thing, look in to it. I suppose Chemistry would be more radiography based though, and don't be completely afraid of it if you're not great at maths because I'm in pass maths and I'm... getting there, you'll just be more comfortable if you're good at maths :)

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