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    Should I drop to pass? Sophie12

    Hi just looking for some advice. I'm currently in 5th year and am studying 8 honours. Biology chemistry physics applied maths English Irish maths. I'm finding 8 honours hard work and want to drop to pass in one subject. I am either going to drop to pass in Irish or English as they are my worst subjects. I got an b in Irish in my junior cert and a c in English. I am finding Irish tough this year but I'm also finding English hard. I have an excellent Irish teacher and an OK English teacher. Any advice welcome

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      if you are good at speaking in irish i would advise you to keep up irish because the oral is worth 40%, and if you have a strong oral it wont take much more to pass. also the comprehensions are quite straight forward after little practice

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      Do ordinary English.......or Irish depending on which ur worse at...... I do nine subjects so I do both ordinary

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      definitely do ordinary English, at least with honours irish if you study your material you will be able to answer questions, but with English no matter how much you study it all depends on luck on the day!

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