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    Sick Alanah963

    Hiya, I have been up since 5 with the vomiting bug and had to sit HL Physics at 9:30, I was continually running in and out to the bathroom so obviously I wasn't completely focused. Will this be taken into account when grading my exam?

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      that so unfortunate, thats lousy and can happen so easily ..was it written on your script?

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      Same happened me with Irish paper 2, i got a doctors cert and had it sent away with my paper so maybe try doing that? Hope you feel better soon!

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      I think it was written on the front my script and I needed a doctors cert to have my own exam centre and that's being sent off to the department today.

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      Surely any examiner would have to be a bit nicer if they knew you had to be running in and out of the bathroom and felt shitty ....well anyone with a heart anyway

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