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Snapchat names ? :P
sebastian.tozer The Leaving Cert — 15/06/16 7

Hey guys, I'm feeling a bit down (metaphorically and physically) with the LC and want to make a few new friends ;) , comment names below x

Eoin_9748 — 14/06/16
Hey! my snaps Conormac ��
sebastian.tozer — 14/06/16
Thanks dude, mines sebbyt98 :)
Fejraf — 14/06/16
Add me adam_cunt made it when I was 15 haha
Liam_4376 — 14/06/16
sach487 — 14/06/16
Just_Do_It — 15/06/16
kell1211 — 15/06/16
aslong as theres women there willing to share nudes im in
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