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    Study Recommendations???!!! psimango2012

    Hi everyone, I'm a sixth year myself, but I am eager to start studying now. Does anyone have recommendations for how many hours and subjects I shoud be studying per evening? Or even how many topic to focus on? Thanks so much, all the best with your studies :)

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      If you're aiming for 500+ then you should probably cover all topics and answer very question . You should set objectives you wish to cover in a specific time and a deadline so you can keep track of your progress

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      before i can give you advice, i would like to know how many subjects you are studying and how many O/H you are doing.

      in my opinion you should study at least up to 4 hours a day since you are LC student, try to focus on your higher subjects. Of course focus on ordinary as well but don't spend a lot of time with your ordinary subjects since a lot of ordinary are pretty easy.

      Also, always take break in between a topic, it refresh your mind and can help you on your next topic. When i say take a break, i don't mean to go on your phone or laptop to check your facebook because that will 100% distract you from studying, when i say break i meant to take a walk around the house for at least 10 minutes, maybe go talk to your parents or siblings.

      over all this method help me a lot and by doing this constantly will get you great marks. i got 5 A's and 2 B's in my summer test and i am aiming for 600-650 points for my leaving cert so these are the advice i suggest to you as a Leaving cert student.

      It works for me but it might not work for you but it nice to share my own experience, who knows it might help some people out.

      Anyways, Thank You.

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      @Cher I'm doing all higher level subjects myself, I'm just curious to gauge how many hours is ideal for studying per evening along with my homework. The range you have is about the same as what I am aiming for in the leaving. My summer test results look good, except for maths I'm confident I can still bump my grade but the dedication of time to my studies is really where I'm trying to see how to structure my study plan.


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      I have a study plan made out where I dedicate 35-40 mins to every subject I had that day. I set timers so I do exactly what I have planned out to keep myself on track. This includes homework as well so if I have 20 minutes worth of homework to do in a subject then I have 20 minutes of study as well in that subject. Sometimes a subject will run over 40 minutes when the need arises as well its not ultra rigid. I'm also trying to bump up grades from last summer and thats my plan.

      Extra tip I find drinking plenty of water helps on every break I go for a glass and drink it as I work

      May the odds be ever in your favour!!!

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      Cheers so much man. Your advice is greatly appreciated. May the odds be in your favour :)

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