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    Study summer before Leaving Cert sarahoneill298

    Should you study during the summer before the Leaving Cert? I want to get over 500 points next year and I worked hard in 5th year ( struggling with higher maths a bit ). Would it be a waste of time or would it be effective to study this summer?

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      John smith234

      As a person who has reached the leaving cert, the summer is a distant memory so everything you have learned will likely all be forgotten by the time of the christmas exams even.

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      Cramming works better than anything.

      Do that.

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      That is a great idea. Summaries all the main points of every thing that you have covered in fifth year in a note book for each subject so next year when you are doing revision you will not have to go back to your text you already have all the key points summarised. So you can spend your time in sixth year learning.


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      Mary Peter that is such a crap way to spend the summer what's the matter with you?

      Have you no soul?

      Some people just want to watch the world burn.

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      i just want the world to burn...

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      Watch the world burn, but if you want to succeed hard work is required so you can stop the world burning. You go for it Sarah.

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      Mary peter your a fool! summer fifth year.... ride all around you... something Mary didn't do # dryballs

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      From a girl who has nearly finished her LC, I'd say enjoy the summer with friends! Relax, enjoy the freedom! You'll have plenty of time to work hard throughout 6th year! As long as you get started straight away but definitely do not study during summer, maybe improve on languages such as irish or French by speaking and enjoying speaking the language

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      You can repeatedly write out definitions or something, but generally studying all summer long wouldn't benefit that much because you'd forget most of it.

      i'd say practice the languages most definitely and start speaking them and practice english essays. everything else is forgotten usually

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      you can repeat the LC but not the sesh

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      To tell you the truth I broke my collarbone missed the last 3 months of school as in 3 full weeks through operation . I needed to catch up on notes and didn't !! Maybe the last two or 3 weeks of summer to get you started but enjoy the summer because the lc takes a lot out of you. Even though I could not do summer exams etc!! It all pulls together at the end

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      I would definitely advise you to do a little bit of revision. I didn't revise much fifth year biology so the last few weeks ive had to try and cram the whole course(not ideal). Definitely watch movies in french irish german spanish whatever languages youre doing! For honours maths i was struggling in fifth year and most of sixth but stick with it! keep going over your notes and do an exam question every weekend. If you are in limerick Leamy Maths School give grinds and they're unreal! really really helped me. if you had problems in fifth year sort them out over the summer. if theres a topic you dont understand google it and get the hang of it this summer as in sixth year you dont have a lot of extra time! Do not be afraid of sixth year though, it was my best year in school so far and the hard work from fifth year will stand to you

      Ciara xo

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      ((also read your texts for english if you haven't done so yet))

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      Remember the three S's for the summer sun sex and silage.

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      @Rannagh, thats 4

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      @class31a1 are u special or what? THE 3 S's FOR THE SUMMER summer dosent count ya handicap. go back and repeat the junior cert.

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      Some man @rannagh07

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      Don't wear yourself out. Just keep on track of everything throughout the year, doing your revision before class tests etc and then really start cramming 2/3 months before the leaving. It's a memory test and you want everything to be stuck in short term memory, honestly for me so far it's the topics I learn the night or two before an exam that have saved me on the day

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      Cramming 2/3 days before each test is the way to go .

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      Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

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