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    study tips on HL Economics and French josh olaniyi

    I'm currently in 5th year and I know that i have to start working hard if I am to ge the course I want when it comes to 6th year. I'm doing very well in most of my subjects, but it just seems to be economiocs and french that seem to be catching me out. i spent a lot of time stuying economics but it seems not to entering my head and i dont seem to study french often because i'm not too sure and to go about studying it. If anybody would have any tips for me on studying these two subjects it would be very appreciated!:)

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      i am studying economics and i am hoping it will be one of my best subjects for my leaving cert in june!.......i have a really good teacher who drills everything into our head! we always get A's or high b's....i think the trick is to listen to current topics on the tv and in the newspapers! we make a scrapbook and stick in all the current issues from the newspapers. i would also recommend getting in contact with michael ruane. he is a teacher in kildare i think and he has a brillinat book which i am sure isnt too expensive. it has got everything covered :)

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      josh olaniyi

      thank you! i'm doing very well in it now:D just need help with French now' I get high C's but I feel I need more

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      Economics- start making a revision copy put all your key definitions in it. Make that one section of you copy then do a diagram section and finally notes. Focus your time on demand and supply(and elasticity,normally a part C of the questions) the market structures and national income they are all definite questions each year. Finally keep practicing the exam questions it's the only way to help you.

      French- French is a harder as you really need to tune into class for it. Again make a revision copy of all your oral work and possible questions, then do the written section write out various opinion pieces like( obesity,cyber bullying,drinking etc) and finally a good grasp on grammar is essential, if your still struggling try the Less stress more success revision book, or maybe try the ordinary level.

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