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    Studying Question :)) AELT

    Hey guys just overall how much hours do you put in a night? Or to 6th years how much do you recommend doing in 5th year?

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      3 hours for 5th years sounds doable :)

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      Aqua Flow

      3 hours a night is not needed in 5th year, and 1: 30 minutes of reading over what you did in class is plenty. 3 - 3:30 minutes would be recommended in 6th year.

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      depends on the individual and how prepared you want to be for the exams. if you work hard in 5th, 6th year will become less stressful.

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      Homework is study so if you do your homework well and spend time on it then the studying will take less time :)

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      I will be honest , I am in 6th year and I study for 2 hours a night - Probably not enough but there you are... I study longer on the weekends as I have more time... The problem with me is my teachers give way too much homework and go overboard and therefore , I do not have enough time to study... Oh well...

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