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    subject advice shaunacraig97

    any advice on what would be an easy subject to pick up in 6th year? i am repeating my leaving cert to get into vet med in ucd so just need an easy subject to get me as high points as possible

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      if you play an instrument music can be easy, 25% for technology which is super easy, 25% for practical (or 50% practical instead of techno) and 25% for listening paper and 25% for composing. Its easy points if its something you are able to thrive in and you could have 50% before you even open a paper. Another subject is Business, its literally all learning off and very do able.

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      if you intend doing vet med you will need the following:

      higher level bio

      higher level chem

      don't even consider it without those 2.

      business subjects and geography are also useful..

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      Thanks for the advice Alice! Unfortunately I'm not musical so that won't suit me but I am considering business, however I'm picking up history so I'm worried the work load might be a bit much but I suppose that'll be the same with everything :/

      Bridgetown1, I am doing HL bio and Chem :)

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