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    Subject Choice 2016 Jordan50

    Any advice on keeping on business and economics and dropping all science subjects

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      I think taking up a science subject is important because a lot of college courses require it, depending on what you're interested in studying in college or what college you'd be thinking of going to

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      I think i want to do a carer in business either in UL or UCC but do you think i should keep on a science subject for that

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      Check the websites and see what the course requirements are! They may or may not require a science subject

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      ok Thank you

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      Has anyone any more advice on the subjects thanks

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      Business and economics are so manageable. If you have no interest in science at this point, you're unlikely to study it in college. I would've done all three business subjects if I had the option!

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      thanks so much

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      Economics very easy to learn alot of repetition and shorter course

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      Economics has a little bit of mathematics involved so make sure you're comfortable in that area. I'd consider taking a science subject preferably biology just incase to keep alot of courses open for you.

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