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    Subject choice for Leaving Cert Miafinucane

    I want to know peoples opinions on leaving cert subjects. Like which ones you've picked and what you think of them. Thanks :)

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      For me Economics is a no brainer , it has interesting material and if nothing an easy sylabus. the section B ( worth 75% you have 8 questions and you only have to answer 4) 3 of which you will already know as a certainty.

      If you're the kind of studies on the go as opposed to cramming then i'd recommend Geography. The material is laughably easy and for the most part common sense, but be warned if you let it get ahead of u , it will hurt you.

      An additional language can be therapeutic in the midst of complicated maths problems or science practicals, and i'd be bias towards French , relatively nice subject and the exam is nice in it's layout also

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      The leaving cert in general is horrible and stressful but when you take an hour or 2 out of the weekend and study to keep ahead of exams, it becomes a lot easier and keep the stress levels down.

      For me, Engineering. I only started studying it in 5th year and haven't looked back since. You are giving a brief with instructions to make a project. For example, this year we were asked to make an amusement ride such as the ferris wheel or the g-force. You also have to make a folder explaining how you made the project and how you designed it and what you were and weren't happy with. The project and books altogether are worth 25%. You also have a six hour practical exam where you are giving a working drawing and using the materials giving to you make what is asked. Once you get it working you are laughing coming out of the exam. You almost have 50% walking into the exam.

      The actual exam itself is pretty easy. You have 8 questions to answer. Question one is broken into 2 parts. Short questions and a special topic (you would have spent all year learning this topic). Special topic is a guaranteed question. you must answer a further 4 questions. Question 2-5 are definite questions that will come up and you would have learned the topics for them in 5th. It's very easy to get high marks in this subject.

      Construction is the same. You have to make a practical project such as coffee table, chair, lamp, desk, a press. etc. As long as it's made from wood. Then a book follows as well. The practical day exam is only 4 hours. That's another 50% going into the exam.

      The day exam is a bit more tricky. You must learn 20 or more drawings which only 1 will come up. U-values are a definite question and after that it could be any question from the course. but yet, if studied it would be easy to get a high B grade.

      Biology for me is interesting but requires a lot of work but if you look over the notes and read over what you done in class and keep up and study, it's a pretty handy subject bu yet it is a lot of work because there is so much information in that subject and the questions could be anything.

      Leaving cert itslefis horrible but the subjects you choose can either make it more stressful or easier to get through the exams.

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      I chose my subjects this year. I chose Physics, Economics and Geography (and everyone in my class is doing french as a language). A language (French) is important, a science subject is important (Physics) and I chose Economics because I can see myself in an Economics based college course. I also chose Geography because it seems like a safety net and good for Leaving Cert points, and Physics because it's my favourite science subject and I think it's interesting. I'm also good at Maths and I was good at Junior Cert Physics. As long as you have subjects which give you a large range of course choices. A language and science are important for that reason

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      DCG is the best subject to do. Porfolio project is worth 40% , thats before going into the exam, no practical day exam so you cant go wrong.

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      Thank you all so much!!!

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