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    Subject Choices For 5th Year tinash

    Basically we have our 5th year subject choices (stage 1) to be given in by next Friday. I have only a couple ideas of which subjects I am doing ... but I was wondering if ye could give me some advice on which subjects are really good and not too stressing...

    I decided to be a pharmacist because I've always been passionate about it.We have to choose 5 subjects along with 1 extra one.

    I chose:





    and I don't know my 5th choice.

    Our 6th choice is basically either PE (recreational) , PE GCSE , LCVP or one other one I forget.

    I don't know what PE GCSE is and I don't know what to pick for 5th choice other than Geography ( because I am horrible at it).

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      are you not doing transition year?

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      No I really can't handle another extra year , I want to finish school as soon as possible. And you?

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      Geography is so much work. You're learning tonnes of case studies. So many . It's so stressful. It's not that hard.

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      i am :)

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