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by glitteryhippie The Leaving Cert — 30/08/17 3

i have to choose between economics, construction studies, chemistry, biology and home ec.... am already doing art and dcg, but physics was full/clashed with art, so i have to do one of the above, and i'm not really liking any (i have like 4 days to choose!!) am swaying towards economics or chemistry, but i've never done business (other than first year) and chemistry seems like a lot for something i'm not particularly interested in....

Mat2001 — 23/08/17
You don't at all need to have done Business at JC level for Economics LC, the things which are learned at JC are very basic so you don't have to worry if you do pick it. Also Chemistry can be a bit more difficult due to it being very abstract but it's very interesting!
conormcmahon4170 — 28/08/17
Think about if you will need a science subject for any college course matriculation you would be interested in.
SimpelEgg — 30/08/17
Take chemistry so you have a science subject
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