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    Subjects for LC? laughterislife

    I have to pick four subjects to do in fourth year, and I will drop one in 5th. I am an A student in 9/10 of my subjects, getting B's in English.

    I would like to do veterinary, medicine, dentistry or maybe something along the lines of law/politics.

    I have decided to do Biology, Chemistry and Physics but am not sure what other subject to pick. I love history but would business or accounting be better?

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      You're doing all sciences????

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      might sound stupid but do the subject YOU want to do. Believe me, it makes studying the subject a whole lot easier..

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      Applied math

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      If you don't think you're too strong English, it might not be advisable to do. History is a tough subject - you have to be able to write 5 page essays with good content in 42 minutes to get an A1! Accounting and Business are more theory based, and you seem to excel in Maths so I think you'd do better at those grade-wise. However! If History is something you're passionate about, definitely go for it, just bear in mind you might have to put in extra work to get that A1 :)

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      do History**

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      Do you REALLY want to do those subjects in 3rd level, or are you just veering towards the high points?

      Medicine, Dentistry and Law are TOTALLY different to each other.

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      Yeah haha, I am doing all three sciences! I really like them, and I can always drop one next year if I want!

      My school doesn't do Applied Maths, unfortunately, but thanks, though!

      Yeah, I was worried about all the essays and writing but for JC (and I know LC is a lot different) I always get 100% or there about in my tests? Do they mark you a lot on your use of language?

      Thanks but I am definitely not veering towards the high points haha, I would way prefer if they were all low points! I just find them all very interesting in their own way and I am only in 3rd year so I don't know yet what I am likely to do :)

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      You would want good language for an A1 standard essay - it strengthens your points and makes your essay stand out from others! If you're curious as to what examiners are looking for exactly, look up A1 answers on here and on Google and see if you're able for it :)

      Also, doing 3 sciences isn't a bad idea if that's what you excel in! A handful of people in my year do 3 sciences, one of them is an A student like you who gets A1s constantly, and undoubtedly will get A1s in all her sciences in June. It may be a a lot of theory, but in 5th year you'll see if you can handle it all. It's all just a matter of finding where your strengths are.

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      Clara doran

      hi, im in 5th year and doing all three sciences. I was also stuck about history too! In the end I chose business (even though I hadn't done it in Junior cert) I love it .

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      Stephanie K

      How about home Ec, it links in very well with all the sciences. You should prob do a language, hope this helps. Good luck with your subject choices

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      Thank you, I will certainly look up answers, it's a good idea!

      I do Business do JC and I have mixed feelings about it. My teacher is awful and doesn't teach us just lectures us. However I enjoy business when I do it myself and I actually liked doing my mock paper!

      I do home ec in JC already and I like the food side of it a lot but I think as it is quite science based I would be better to do something different, but it's a good idea! Yeah I absolutely love French hah! Thank you:)

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      have you considered ag science? its such a handy subject and the project is worth 25% i'm in 6th year i have to say i've loved it the whole way through the course! it crosses over a lot with bio and geography as well

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      Our school doesn't do it but thanks!

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