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    Subjects Help Laura113

    Guys I need help. So I'm doing Biology, Physics with Chemistry, Business, Maths, Applied Maths, English and German all at HL and Irish at pass.

    So I do App maths in my own and only started at start of LC.

    I want to drop down to either pass German or English and which do ye think is a better choice? I don't acto struggle with either but they're both my weakest. I suppose I could get a B in both but that's too much of my time. Please help.

    Which is more beneficial?

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      would not recommend physics tbh

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      id drop down to pass german instead of english, as german is the same as higher, but just easier, whereas in english the syllabus is different so you have to study different poems and plays, which would just add more work, so it would be better to stay in honours english

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