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    subjects over summer Sarah2014

    what subject out of the LC would be the easiest to study on my own over the summer? I want to get a head start but don't know what course would be the easiest to do. thanks in advance :)

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      biology very easy to understand

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      It's a genius idea to study over the summer. If you want to get high points in your LC then take a month and complete every past paper question in all your seven subjects then review it. After that you should then questions from your workbook to enhance your understanding.

      If you do all that rather than procrastinate and leave it to the day before your exams then you'll get a 550 at the very least

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      then answer*

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      thanks @michaels but im not in LC year yet im just wondering what subject would be worth studying over summer?

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      Study all of them bit by bit. Focus on HL maths

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      @sarah 2014 what year are you in

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      ive just finished the jc @mathswhiz101

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