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    Summer exams Stephanie K

    Hey guys I'm looking for some advice in relation to the summer exams! I'm in 5th year and I'm going to Lourdes as a helper, so I will be missing my summer exams. I have worked hard throughout the year, so I am on top of all my learning.

    I have asked teachers to give me the exams and I will do them at home and threat them like an exam, I'm afraid that they will forget!

    Just wondering is it an assist if II do them and if I don't do them will I regret when I'm in 6th year, would really appreciate any advice thanks!!

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      i'd say to ask in advance if you would be able to do them in school in class

      and it would be better she might think your going to cheat

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      In my school, they allow you to come back when the Junior and Leaving cert is on to resit the exams :)

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      Stephanie K

      Thanks very much, I have asked teachers and they are like YA YA but you know by the way they say it that they won't allow you do them!! Thanam

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      Stephanie K


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