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    Taking up Ag. science as a 6th year now? Clara doran

    Just wondering how hard it would be to take up ag science now for the LC exam in 2017. I'm doing biology, chemistry and physics. I would drop physics

    Thanks :)

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      With a teacher?

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      It's such a long course, and the project takes roughly 4 visits to a farm so I'd say unless you took pictures on a farm since last May it wouldn't be worth it. My teacher said to include loads of pictures from the whole year and we have the project done by now (6th year) so I wouldn't recommend it

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      With a teacher, and going to class I strongly disagree, Many people have don it in one year and got a1's. The course Is not long when compared with any of the other sciences, doing biology in conjunction practically splits the course in half.

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      Clara doran

      I would be teaching myself

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