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    Teacher jackfitzpatrick18

    Basically our Ag Science teacher is telling us that unless we get 55% or over in our mock (this Friday), we're not allowed do Higher Level. The thing is, she told us for the Christmas exams the same and I didn't study enough and got 45%. I was able to get around her though but she warned me that the Mocks is my last chance. I'm findin it really hard to manage studyin for all my subjects, and doing homework and studying for class tests at the same time. So basically, I know that I haven't done enough for Ag Science for Friday and it's all I'm gonna study for this week. So I've heard from other people that my teacher can only advise me what level to do and not actually force me to take higher. To be honest, I know I'm capable of higher level and I did a good project which would boost my grade. I'm really stressed and worried because if I had to drop Ag Sci I'd only have 3 honours which would have an effect on my points. Sorry for the long post but I'm really unsure how to approach this

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      *not actually force me to take ordinary

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      The decision is entirely up to you, she can only advise. If you think you'll do well in June then stick with higher and prove her opinion wrong :)

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      " I'm findin it really hard to manage studyin for all my subjects, and doing homework and studying for class tests at the same time."

      Maybe your teacher is right?

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      If you want to do higher level it's your choice say to your teacher that he can't make you do ordinary but you hear his advice loud and clear but at the end of the day it's your LC not his so you're going to stay at higher for the foreseeable future

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      Thanks for the feedback! :) and @bridgetown1 my teacher has no idea how I'm managing my other subjects. That's not the case. Her argument is she doesn't want anyone failing when I'm my opinions she's just very egotistical and doesn't want anyone doing badly which will damage her reputation

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      By your own admission you haven't done enough and are finding it difficult to manage. So whether you think your teacher is 'egotistical' or just interested only in her reputation is totally irrelevant. You admit you are struggling. You admit you are finding it hard to manage. Your own honest assessment of your situation is the most important thing here.

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      Your teacher can't tell you what level you can or can't do only advise. At the end of the day whatever you think is best for yourself and don't spend all your time on just Ag!

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