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    teachers michellemcc98

    I need to get at least 550 points in the leaving. my worst subjects are chem, irish and maths but I need to keep up higher leavel. my teachers for each of these subjects are way behind on the course and just don't explain things right. what can I do to improve these subjects because I really need high points!

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      try getting grinds or go ahead yourself on them.

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      I find study clix as a great method to keep ahead of yourself and teachers who aren't cutting it! Its a lot more work for you at night but its so worth it! Pay the money and look at all the notes and videos there is on this then go to your textbook and make your own notes!

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      A great book that covers the entire chemistry course according to the SEC syllabus (basically leaves out all the irrelevant info). Includes exam questions and marking scheme points. Experiments are covered really well also. Definitely worth the buy!

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      If you know anyone else who did well in these subjects for their Lc's recently, ask them what their study plans were, or get them to help you with a system tailored to each subject, as they'll probably know what works and save you a lot of time figuring it out yourself

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      I have great notes available if you wish

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