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    The New Points System - What do you think? studyclix

    The Education minister recently announced a major overhaul of how points will be awarded from 2017 onwards. This will affect students entering 5th year this September (2015) and doing their Leaving cert in 2017.

    Firstly there will be no more As, Bs and Cs with the new system instead using only 8 grade divisions; H1 - H8 for higher level and O1 - O8 for Ordinary level.

    You can see the exact points given for each grade here.

    Even a fail at higher level will get you some points! 30 - 40% at higher level (H7) will get you 45 points, the equivalent of a 70 - 80% grade at ordinary level (worth 47 points). Awarding points for a fail has been widely criticised as “dumbing down” our education system but the minister argues that it will encourage more students to persist with higher level. In the past many ordinary level students would have dropped to ordinary level for fear of failing . It seems likely that the result will be fuller higher level classes.

    Let us know your thoughts...

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      Main thing is that a H1 is equal to an A1, but I think they brought it in to try and get as many people into honours and especially honours maths due to the 25 bonus points

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      the level of maths in the country will decline further and further

      honours maths classes will be full of students who have neither the work ethic or the ability to pursue the will slow up

      the class and waste the class time of the better students.

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      study person

      Is the new system definitely being used?

      and, is there still the bonus 25 points for higher level maths (for a max. of 745)?

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      We have gone from A,B and C to H. That and the fact that an Hons student can fail and still pass will make our job much easier.

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      its bonkers

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      So if the points are going up does that mean the points for the hpat go up to!?!?!?!

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      D.C. Sean

      This will only make people more lazy then they already are. It is likely that people will stop working in class and then it will be the the diligent and co-operative students that will suffer as there will be constant interruptions from students that "don't feel like working". Istead they should reform the Leaving Cert so you get more points for the subjects that you are good at and are connected to your future career.

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      I agree that they should give bonus points for subjects where people are at their best. I'd love to get an extra 25 points in a subject like History or Art. It would relieve tremendous amounts of pressure from students.

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      If anyone knows would you please let me know if there is still an extra 25 points available for doing higher level maths. Thanks.

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      Ya I still think so dreamcream

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      Thanks granners! :-)

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      I think it's a great idea, have you seen what american SAT's are like! This new system will remove the tremendous amount of pressure placed on leaving certs! But rage on the people who still have to do the now "old" leaving cert

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      so soon the word "fail" will be removed from the education system in Ireland. Students will not have the opportunity to "fail" until

      they go to college.What effect will this have on the overall standards in second level schools? what effect will this have on the motivation of students? Will the failure rate in 3rd level Science courses at 1st year level increase from present levels of 30% or so?

      Standards go further down the tube and in a short few years the leaving certificate will be worthless.

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      Will there still be a bonus for maths ??

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      absolutely ridiculous, doing my leaving now and we get nothing for failing. It was brought in too quickly

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      I don't agree with it at all even though I would probably get more points with the new system than at the current system. im doing my JC this year so will be doing the LC with the new system. I fell that this system in going to lower the populations level of education and standard of intelligence. Being rewarded for failing is not the right attitude the education system should be portraying. This system is only going to fail to prepare students for failing in college and in the 'real world'.

      I hope the department of education review this whole system and don't go head with permanently replacing it.

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      I think it's good tbh

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      There are 3 people in my 6th yr higher level maths class, and one of them is considering dropping down if he doesn't pass the pres. It's necessary since math is becoming more and more important imo with compsci demands always rising. giving people points for failing is ridiculous though.

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      Roberto Mane

      @chester12 you should never have to worry about slackers being in your math class.Unlike every other subject,post the JC,math classes are arranged to suit the student's ability so that the student can learn with equally able-minded students.IMO this is the best way as the teacher can cover the course pretty quickly without the interruption of weaker pupils.

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      Our education minister doesn't know her stuff I'm afraid. I think it's clear to see that failure rates will fall if you reduce the failure rate to a miserable 30%. What good is it having everyone do Higher Level if they can't. I see people in my own classes who are hindering the development of others because they shouldn't be doing HL in the first place!

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      no i still think under forty is till a fail you just get awarded marks

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      Do you still get rewarded 25 extra for taking the paper and passing?

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      its ridiculous!!! 45 points for a fail !!!??? if you fail you shouldn't get rewarded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but one good thing is that there is still 25 bonus points for higher level maths

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      This is the correct points system, the one on studyclix is out of date

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      study person

      I think its a waste of time, students who are looking for H 1/2/3 are in risk of getting around 10 points less than the old system, whereas people who currently can't cope with higher level will get points for failing. It devalues higher level students

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      I reckon its part of a Government plan to stop streaming and to eventually have all students doing one level

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      im pretty sure that you have the wrong points a h1 s still 100 points!!

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      Shaciara, check the link I sent, the proper points system is there

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      Shaciara, check the link I sent, the proper points system is there

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      there is no 'fail' in the new system. So when thinking of it you must get out of your mind the old idea that 39% is fail and 41% is pass, It is just a continuum of grades from H1 to H8 or O1 to O8.

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      there is no 'fail' in the new system. So when thinking of it you must get out of your mind the old idea that 39% is fail and 41% is pass, It is just a continuum of grades from H1 to H8 or O1 to O8.

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      If it's a situation where you have to pass at higher level say for a course is the 30-40 sufficient or do you still need to get 40+?

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      ^I'd say you'd still need 40% (a D3 is equivalent to a H7, so that'd still be the requirement)

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      I personally think this is a good idea lot of people find it hard to pass higher so this is a good way to encourage it pity i was not sitting my leaving next year as this system is much better

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      Is H7 a pass on the system ? Like can i only get H7 in irish and be fine or is it depending now on the course requirements ?

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      It's so annoying! I have no idea what grades I need in what subjects to get into college, I wish the colleges would write it up for the 2017 classes so I know what to aim for! And also our teachers correct all exams using the old system, shouldn't we be getting used to the new system? As people have said it really devalues students getting higher grades and rewards those who put no effort in!!

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      i dont know how I feel about it but do they still only count up 6 of the 7 subjects?

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      i think it's good but do they still count up 6 of the 7 subjects

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      They will count 6 subject still ladevine 98 .

      Aisling the people who get higher grades will still get more points that the people who are barely passing i wouldnt get so bogged down on it and ucd are publishing the 2017 courses in summer.

      The system will go like this H7 will be a pass, if you want to put it this way there is no fail apart from H8, so youre probably asking yourselves then how do you know if you get in the course or not. Since H7 is a pass now collages will introduce more requirements so each course will now have different requirements that usuall for example nearly every course with over 450 points asked for HC3 in something, now thats not the case every course will ask for different requirement e.g engineering will require H4 in maths and vetenairy medicine will require H5 in chemistry and so on. (I read this somewhere)

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      will the points most likely go up or down?

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      wi;; the points mostly go up or down?

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      ladevine, the points demanded for entry to a course is purely a factor of supply and demand. if there are 100 places on a course but 110 people apply, points will go up, but if only 90 people apply then points will go down.

      you will find details of the new points and grades here:

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      thank you :)

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      thank you :)

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      Thank you :)

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      Thank you !!!

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      This kind of sucks if you're an A1 - B3 student, I think a 30% pass should only be implemented for maths... But I still hate the extra 25 points for honours maths, not fair for students who are good at most subjects except maths

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      the 25 bonus points is having the effect of dragging people up from Ordinary level to Higher level who should not be there. So you have a lot more weaker students at higher level, but with the SEC tied to 5 year averages and trying to maintain a similar grade breakdown year after year it means people who would have failed before the bonus system are now passing due to the inflix of weaker students.

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      Bit stupid making it fairly hard to fail at higher level from now on.... This will dumb down the student population and mean some people who barely keep working over the year can still do well, its just rewarding laziness and allows some people to be in HL when they don't deserve to be there in the first place.

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      i think that the new system is absolutely stupid and none of us leaving cert students had an opinion in the matter. i believe that if they were planning to change the system they should've told us at the start of our junior cert year therefore if any students objected to this new system they could follow the old system by going straight into 5th year. and also according to my guidance teacher, if any students wish to apply to UCAS the UK government will follow our old points system. this makes things more complicated for students applying to say Queens as they have no clue if they've gotten the grades required or not. i was quite happy with the old points system and i'm sure im not the only one who feels this way

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      It's irrelevant because it doesnt change the fact that the leaving cert is a points race. Everyone will face the same criteria so competition for college places etc. will be the same

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