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    transition year help! zuziiik

    Hey, do you know if there is anything I could start doing ahead for the Leaving Cert, I am curently in TY so we dont really learn anything exept Maths that goes like usual , I will apreciate every answer :)

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      Maybe try and familiarise yourself with the exam papers? :) personally, I found a huge difference in standard for subjects like maths and English :) good luck with the leaving cert ;)

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      I would say languages. If you're aiming for high points the languages are key as there's no set thing to learn off like a history essay. Languages are about constant learning so the more nice phrases you've learnt the more you can set yourself apart from the crowd.

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      Thanks guys :)

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      I would say find a grinds teacher in a subject you'll be sitting! I give grinds in maths physics and chemistry

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