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Transition Year timetable confusion
SryanBruen The Leaving Cert — 02/09/16 2

So I got a Transition Year timetable today as it was my first day back - only for an hour in though. And this is the second year they give us a print out of a timetable with shortened names of the subjects instead of calling out the subjects and writing them in our journals which they did when I was in 1st and 2nd year. This year, the subjects in their shortened forms are much more confusing and I cannot understand some of them or even why they're on mine. 1. What does "Cel" mean? (as a subject) What subject could that be? 2. Tut (My friend says it's a Class Tutor in which is new and we basically have assembly every morning now - but it also says Tut for a triple class in Tuesday afternoon??) 3. There is no Geography or Music on my timetable even though these are some of my LC subjects and also my favourite subjects, my friend has them on his timetable, so why the hell aren't they on mine. 4. Biology and Accounting is on my timetable even though I wasn't going to do Biology for my LC, I was going to do Physics and Accounting, after JC, I was planning on giving up Business and not doing it for my LC. But my school looks like they made it clear that they can choose my future (FECK OFF, I know my future, an Irish, Geography and Music teacher). But the only thing you could really help me with here is the "Cel" thing? What subject could that mean? I'm so confused.

ug_roland2504 — 02/09/16
in 4th year you do many different subjects, for example im in 4th year and i do agricultural science
SryanBruen — 02/09/16
I know that but I'm confused here, like what in the world could "Cel" mean? By the way did you see my apology thread in the Junior Cert forum I posted today?
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