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    TY Business Mini Company Ideas Sarah2014

    what ideas would be possible to do for a mini company idea?

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      ANYTHING, think of something to do with your interests or talents - that's the closest I could give without giving away my idea lol.

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      ok thank you :)

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      The whole point of mini company is to come up with your own idea that's authentic and unique. You really need to think outside the box to make your idea/product interesting while still achievable. I think making it doable and efficiently doable is key to it being successful.

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      alright thanks have you seen any ideas in your school that have failed?

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      I haven't mostly because people don't bother with it so they never got a chance to succeed from the start really. It's a worthwhile project if you put in half an effort. My team of two didn't win anything but still made a nice profit of over 500 euro between us!

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      oh cool thanks so much :)

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