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What is it like doing all three sciences?
Kajmone The Leaving Cert — 14/12/17 14

I'm in 5th year and I do chemistry and physics; love them both. But I want to go into medicine and I've been highly advised to do biology also. I hate art so I want to switch. My overall query is what is it like managing all the three sciences? Or should I switch to geography instead?

kingkarpe — 11/11/16
you don't have to do biology to do medicine
kingkarpe — 11/11/16
its any 2 science subjects, and I am doing what your doing as well physics and chem, but I do business as well
Kajmone — 11/11/16
I know but I really want to switch from art so I have to choose between biology and geography and since biology would be helpful for medicine Im wondering what its like doing the three sciences.
A-123St — 11/11/16
I'm a JC student, so I'm obviously not experienced with this, but I don't think doing all three sciences would be a different workload to doing two sciences and geography. Geography and biology are both said to be theory-heavy subjects, but geography has a fieldwork project/journal thing that's worth 20%, whereas I think biology is just the written exam. Biology being another science subject might help you with some parts of chemistry/physics, but I couldn't tell you for definite since I'm not familiar with the syllabi. Biology would definitely help with medicine, and if you have more of an interest in biology than you do in geography, then you should definitely take it. Do you personally like biology or geography, or is it more of a "meh, they're better than art" situation?
Kajmone — 11/11/16
Wow that's very informative, thank you. To be frank I hated geography for the JC and the only reason I'd be thinking of taking it up would be as a relief subject to do well in ,incase chemistry and physics get heavy but I definitely do have a fondness for biology. I wanted to do the three sciences but I feared it may be too hard ,and because I found biology to be the most boring( mainly due to the ecology chapters but everything to do with the body I found very interesting). Art was my guaranteed A subject but I do not like the art history section at all, and I am the only person in the class,during which my teacher doesn't get to teach me much( due to a messed up schedule, she has other classes while Im in the class too) . So yes I do personally like biology.
KS98 — 11/11/16
I do the three science for LC and I can't say I find the workload any different than doing another subject, and you obviously enjoy science subjects just as myself, so it is a very good option to do all three in that case. I too had the option of doing French or Geography instead of Bio but I just had no interest in them. I was going to do French ordinary level as an extra subject but I don't really have the need for it so there was little point doing it just for the sake of it. I would imagine biology would of course be a huge benefit for medicine, so it seems like a no brainer to me it your not happy in your Art class. Biology is definitely the most theory/wordy/factual based science subject, compared to the others which have some mathematical aspects which involve more recognising and understating methods rather than remembering. But that doesn't mean they're easier, it depends on the person. If your any good at memorising, learning from diagrams, remembering steps for reactions such as respiration and photosynthesis you'll breeze through biology. I'm now in 6th and have never got anything other than am A and the odd B in all three science subjects so far. I would personally enjoy learning the mechanisms for respiration and photosynthesis because I find them fascinating and like learning the word diagram logical steps involved in them. Personally, I find the plant related stuff the hardest, mostly due to the fact that I've less interest those topics I guess. Sexual reproduction in plants is very difficult, for me anyways. I too like the human anatomy topics, even though we've mostly those left to cover yet. I imagine the sensory/neuron chapter could be hard since it will be extremely new. As regards ecology, as you say it is an extremely boring chapter in all honesty. So afar from the detailed chapters of the course, but tbf, it is probably still the easiest question on the paper if you take time to learn the definitions. I'm planning on doing a course like biomedical engineering, but will probably start at an undenominated engineering course because I'm not certain enough. In short, I'm delighted to have been doing all three, and I'm sure it can't hurt for the course I'm intending on doing , and it definitely couldn't hurt for medicine! I wouldn't discourage anyway doing all three.
Kajmone — 11/11/16
Thanks so much for that response! It was very helpful, I've been stuck on what to do for a while now but I'm decided on Biology now.
KS98 — 12/11/16
No problem
A-123St — 12/11/16
No bother, glad I helped. Would you recommend physics as a subject? I'm stuck between taking that or biology next year.
flashgut — 12/11/16
Three sciences is easy..... When u do applied maths and business after school as well, then it gets hard
flashgut — 12/11/16
I would say biology and physics are the easier two out of biology chemistry and physics....... I would say bio is easier because a lot of my family are doctors and they never stop talking about that stuff
KS98 — 12/11/16
I'm doing applied maths too this year...attempting to get it done in one year an hopefully do higher. I'd nearly agree with you on biology, it's more of a slog but less challenging on the brain if you can learn stuff off well. The others involve more thinking outside the box. Electricity stuff in physics is interesting and all, and I can deal with the standard of questions that come up in it, but I find it very difficult to understand and imagine compared to machanics. Most people in the class don't care about how it works, but me being inquisitive of course I have to look further to find out. Plus we had no teacher for a month at end of last year and a couple of weeks at the start of this year and now the new teacher is basically shite, which is even more annoying when the teacher that left was very good.
julia-b — 06/01/17
Three sciences is manageable enough. I'm also going for Medicine and for me Biology seems like the subject that gives you the biggest foundation in it. Although many of the things we learn are far from high detail, some even inaccurate (as I heard from friends in third level), liking/disliking it will give you hints if you're unsure about going for Medicine. Unless you want to do the foundation year in NUIG I do recommend biology. Personally, it's my favourite subject, but that's just me! :) I'd say the hardest of all three (in terms of learning off) is Chemistry but of course we can't opt out of that :/ I used to absolutely hate Physics and considered switching to Economics or Business- I found mechanics super tough plus also had a bad teacher. Now, being in 6th year, I'm happy for staying because the course gets better and it will be helpful next year! (hopefully!) I can't really compare to other subjects, but it seems doing all three sciences is equally as hard, if not that little bit harder. I see my friends with other subjects getting much less homework than me (and they don't have to write up experiments,that's probably the biggest difference!)but that could also depend on their teachers and other factors. There's also the question of points. Art. is one of the hardest subjects to get 100 points in. Biology seems much easier and much more suitable! Good luck! (and make sure to start practicing for the HPAT!) If there's anything you want to ask I'll be more than happy to answer :3
wesa1 — 14/12/17
I’m in TY and I’m interested in studying medicine and I’m wondering when is it a good time to start studying for the HPAT? Also are the three sciences necessary?
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