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    what subjects to pick for Leaving Cert??????? Abid

    Hi im in 3rd yr nd soon im going to hav to pick my leaving cert subjects but im not sure which to pick for me, im trying to go into medicine....

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      If you are trying to get into Medicine, I suggest you do Maths, Chislet and Biology at Higher Level. If you are planning to go abroad, physics would be a good choice as well. A foreign language should also be included, as many colleges ask for it.

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      i would pick 2 science subjects a language and a business if you are doing medicine because you don't want to do something practical unless it would be an extra subject chemistry is hard so if you are good at math i suggest physics

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      Chemistry, however, is an entry requirement for many UK universities and wherever you go it will be useful for Medicine.

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      Anybody contemplating Medicine without HL Chemistry will be facing a BIG struggle!

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      I'm applying for med this year and only have physics as a science subject. I'd definitely advise doing two because it opens more medicine courses to you I have to do whats called the pre med year which means my course would be six years. I've been told by a medicine student of UCD that what sciences you have doesn't matter too much because the pre med year sorts you out. I'd also advise a practical subject because if you have any sort of hands skills at all and work hard you'll do well. I do engineering and didn't even do metal work or technology for jc. I have average hands skills but I am still an A1 candidate because I will know the theory inside out upside down and backwards and will make sure my project and folder are spot on.

      Sorry this was a bit long winded but its all valid.

      May the odds be ever in your favour!!!

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      Abid I hope you get my message. I did the leaving cert in 2016 and got 575 points. You should choose subjects that you like and are easy for you to learn. Don't take subjects that are going to trouble you for the next two years. For example I didn't do well in Geography because it's an essayed based subject which I hated.

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      Thanks for the feedback (btw I'm a girl nd my names javeria)

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      I would recommend to carry one or two extra subjects until 5th year and see how you get on with them. Your ability in that subject can be reflected of you results

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      I got A's in Chem,Bio,Phy,math and applied maths. But got B2 in geography which had an impact on my result.

      Another reason I didn't do good in geography was because I didn't have it for junior cert.

      So choosing your subjects is really important.

      You have to have in mind your ability in that subject. Obviously your aiming for high points so you want to choose subjects which you are ready to tackle.

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      If you find maths easy and perform well in it than taking physics and applied maths is an advantage.

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      Tbh I get gud grades in all subjects and I'm definitely doing biology and chemistry and french for my language but I'm not sure what I cud pic for my last subject

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