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    What to Revise/Study For Lc Subjects 2017 John4853

    Hey I started sixth year and I'm aiming for about 400 points this year and I wanna start studying for the leaving cert but I just dont know what to go over/revise. Do I just go through exam papers or do I study from the books of each subject?,Anyone else who is doing the Lc or has done the Lc please let me know if you have started studying yet and what do you study or revise for your subjects?:)

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      1.Start studying asap

      2. Make a study plan

      3.Start with difficult subjects first

      4.Study one chapter at a time

      5.Do exam questions that correspond to the chapter

      6.Take breaks while studying

      Hope this helps!

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      Also, you should not just study from the book because a lot the information in your textbook can be unnecessary so make notes, mind maps, flashcards etc to shorten them down. This will definitely make studying easier. Good luck!

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      Thank you so much, appreciated! :)

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      No problem :)

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