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    What to study M4321

    So I'm in TY and I want to get a head start for the LC. So was wondering what I could study on my own that would be more focused on mesmerisation rather than understanding as I would have no teacher to help if I got stuck. I will plan to do maths English Spanish economics app maths physics and maybe chemistry at hl so any tips would be great Irish is ol

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      Also any good websites

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      I can speak for spanish english and physics out of those. Physics is a lot of understanding but I'd advise reading spanish newspapers or watching basic news clips and stuff for some vocab. English I'd find out the texts on your course particularly the Shakespearean one have a read of it and research some answers on it. I'm told applied maths is maths without numbers so its entirely understanding...

      Now is also a good time for career investigation so I'd advise a look at qualifax and careersportal. Though in ty i researched computer science and now im in 6th year hoping to do medecine so...

      Hope this helps. May the odds be ever in your favour!

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