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    When to start studying Kaitlin17

    Is now too late?

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      Although time seems to be flying by it is definitely not too late st start studying its not like your 3 weeks from the exams there is still plenty of time left I started around october just wondering why do you think its too late?

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      theres no such thing as 'too late' to start studying

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      Do you think I could still get 450 starting today

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      Of you course you can if you really put your mind to it also belive in yourself as well, goodluck to us all!:)

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      yeah like just work work work from now on and it'll be grand, take minimal breaks and you might lose a BIT of sleep along the way and you may have to sacrifice a few night outs but its worth it in the end you know?

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      Now, just do it. don't let your dreams be dreams.

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      11ND - CCM

      Balance is important, too. Don't cut off your social life and sacrifice sleep or you'll lose the plot

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      yeah dont cut it off fully obviously, but hard work involves a bit of that ^^

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      Its really not to late! Im aiming for around 450-470 too and I honestly have no motivation atall! But im just forcing myself to study, honeslty youll be fine!! Best of luck x

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      When did everyone start studying?:)

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      I've always studied just feel like I'm not doing enough, started studying "properly" at the start of November😭

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