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    Which exams would you advise? Georgiewalsh13

    Which exams would you advise to study for the leaving cert? HELP

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      Well I'm doing honours maths physics and applied maths as they're all linked an dthere isn't a lot of rote learning involved. I heard someone joined 3 months before the leaving in applied maths and got an A, because if you are mathematical it suits you.

      If you are more into English and history the more "wordy" subjects go for them, especially if you did well in the pre.

      Or if you are overall just more of a practical person rather then academic go for subjects like home ec or wood work providing you have basic knowledge on them, because if you know what you are doing then they'll suit quite well

      Good luck with your choices!

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      Thank you so much!

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      sadly home economics at leaving cert level isn't very practical, there is a journal involved although it's mainly to do with the principal involved. The bulk of the subject is about learning, but if you are into food or social science it's really interesting.

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      Ok, Thx!

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