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Which is better?
mark_a101 The Leaving Cert — 17/11/16 6

Less Stress More Success or Revise Wise?

EA01 — 18/10/16
revise wise
Niamh Craven — 18/10/16
If you are doing Home Economics, I would advice to get the Revise Wise than the less stress more success for this subject. I have less stress more success revision books for the rest of my subjects which are Irish, English, Maths, Geography, French and Business and I find them brilliant
mark_a101 — 18/10/16
bkaaw — 16/11/16
No problem
flashgut — 16/11/16
Depends on subject ....
bridgetown1 — 17/11/16
and on the person! Here is a novel idea: go into a book shop, look at both, and buy the one you think is best.
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