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work and the leaving cert
ladevine98 The Leaving Cert — 05/08/16 6

I have a job in the hairdressers it's mostly a saturday 9-5 and thursday(sometimes) 5-8 job and I've training on a wednesday from 4-6:30. How much will thee hours effect my leaving cert? would it be better to keep it on or give it up?

ladevine98 — 01/08/16
and yes searching for hair models is stressful haha
Sarah654 — 04/08/16
Tbh its not going to work !! I found it hard getting two hours for training during the week !! I would keep up the Saturday though
ladevine98 — 04/08/16
did you do hairdressing for your leaving cert?
ladevine98 — 04/08/16
the training is hairdressing training btw
Sarah654 — 04/08/16
No can you do it for the lc?? I'm just talking from experience I could be gone to a match one evening say after the mocks have to come home and do hw and it was tough going as you would be at it till 11 and I say that's how you would feel working on a Thursday its a lot of pressure to try and get a balance In between the study and work or study and matches for me!! The lc is 1 year in your life
lukebrn — 05/08/16
I would give up your job I gave mine up at the start of the December and that worked well. Are you looking for grinds in maths, physics or chemistry by any chance?
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