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    I didn't finish my project. Now what? ec2406

    Hey all, would really appreciate some advice here, even if you don't do Metalwork, thanks :)

    So my project was due April 8th 2016 and I did not get to finish with still quite a fair bit of work left to do. Our teacher had been missing loads of classes so we spent last week with lunchtime and evening classes trying to get it finished but it was too late. He claims that it's our own fault because we've been "messing" since October, even though it has been him who missed loads of classes. I'm the only one in the class who actually cares about getting an A; and my teacher was confident with me since first year that I would, but now it just doesn't seem like he cares. Sure, it makes sense to say that we could work overtime next week if he decides to, but we have our practical exam to prepare for next month.

    I honestly have no idea what to do about this and it's stressing me out. Any advice?

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      pray to god our father lol ur gonna get an f ur finished

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      @Arogundade wow. Thanks for the help :P

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      I am so so sorry to hear that, but seriously, what an absolute fucker, get everyone's parents to complain about him. I cant believe that... Anyways I'm afraid you'll probably have to pay a lot of attention to the papers if you want to have a chance of passing.

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      Forget about the project is my advice. It's done now there's nothing you can really do about it but Really focus on the practical in May. It's worth the exact same as the project so focus on getting a really good practical in and revise for your theory :)

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      all of my class haven't finished our projects either, but its completely our own faults. the advice my teacher gave me was to do as much as i could with my project for the next week, but once that week is up we focus 100% on our day practical and theory test and do our best to make up for our unfinished projects in the other parts of the exam. hope this helps and best of luck!

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      Focus on your day practical pieces for the moment, getting them done properly will get you at the most a pass.

      I haven't gotten mine done either ( Im almost finished the wiring )

      How much do you have to do?

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      Just wanted to let everyone know that since I posted this I got the project mostly finished; we got extra time after the deadline.

      @comet7892 I'm the same as you. However, I was away all this week due to Home Ec and Music practicals so I had to hand mine up without the wiring complete. I may come back to finish the wiring after the day practicals, but I found wiring the DPDT switch to be extremely difficult.

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      With most of the wiring done and good polished/ spray painted pieces you should be looking at about a low A or high B ^^

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      if you are really worried complain to the principal its not good enough that you could miss out on an A grade because one teacher doesn't care. hope you get it finished. best of luck!

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      Just wanted to let you guys know my day practical went really well; I got it assembled :D My theory is already really good (I got 93% in the pre) so I should be ok. Do you guys reckon I'd be let finish my wiring? Apart from that the project could just use a sanding and polishing/painting.

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      lol. ur teacher is fucker. get everyone parents to complain to the school principal.

      its very important cause its 75% of 100%

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      anne mccloskey

      you will get some marks in the practical btw I don't do metalwork so I don't how it works all I can say is that some if not most of your marks are going to your theory so study most of your theory hope this helps :/

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      cuar hate to be u lol rawr XD

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      Hard luck pal

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      Jessica b

      How did you get on after? Sorry i was just wondering

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      @Jessica B hi! Sorry for getting back so late - been busy with TY.

      I managed to get an A in metalwork anyway (along with every other subject) so I was really chuffed to say the least :D

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      Well done ec2406 :D

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