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    Question 1 section b comet7852

    This is the hardest question to do, possibly because we can't really practice

    Any tips to help me or others?

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      id say look over the sheet you where given and try to remember all the tools you used to mark it out that all i can think off

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      I'd say either the windscreen or the bonnet will come up for marking out.

      Also, have a design ready (rough sketch) of the design part of the project- the control console (you wouldn't need to show measurements).

      Understand how the electronic circuit operates.

      We were asked in our Mock to identify 2 aerodynamic features also- that would be the bonnet and the spoiler.

      Best of luck on Tuesday:)

      Also can I just ask if there's any hope of getting an A for me? My project was completely assembled but I didn't get to polish the parts or wire the circuit fully, my practical was completely finished, sanded and functional. I got 93/100 in the Mock and hopefully might get another mark or 2 on Tuesday. Is there any hope left (considering what I got done for the project and practical)?

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      @ec2406 thanks for the tips :3. They have really helped my prep

      Also I'd say you would get a high B or a low a :3

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