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    What is the day practical piece like? ec2406

    If anyone has done their day practical exam either today or tomorrow (Tues 3rd or Wed 4th) could you please share any details? Could you email me the drawing? Are there any techniques I should be familiar with? What is the actual mechanism? Any sort of help would be appreciated.

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      Please can someone help even if you don't do Metalwork and know someone who has done it I could really use some help.

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      you should practice some slots and rounding edges on pieces, i havnt done mine yet but the wasters in my class have and said its very easy

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      @davidbrown210 thanks but I already did mine today. It actually went really well and seemed to have been easier than previous years. No lathe work is involved but be careful as a few 6mm diameter slots are involved. Good luck :)

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      What does the mechanism look like and is it difficult?

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      @cillianfahy it's hard enough to describe what it looks like but I think it's much easier compared to previous years. Piece 1 (the square Acrylic one) is modified by adding a slot and a threaded hole. Piece 4 (longer aluminium piece) is attached at the bottom to the new threaded hole on the plastic piece and is moved by Piece 3, which is the knob. Piece 5 actually lies on top of piece 3 and 4. The new slot is where Piece 2 (thicker aluminium piece) will be attached to the other end of Piece 4 and should reciprocate if assembled correctly. It is actually much easier than the drawing looks; just make sure you can file out slots correctly. Good luck

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      Thank you so much :) I have mine on Monday

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      i have mine on thursday, is there anything else at all wee should know or anything they tell u? thanks

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      @shredden that's all I think. Just make sure you use your time effectively- if someone is on a machine or something like that do something else while you're waiting. But as I've said it's much easier than previous years. No lathe work either btw.

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      Are the modifications hard for the aluminium pieces?

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      @cillianfahy nope; just be careful with slots and a pointy detailed part on Piece 2 and you should be fine.

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      just get the metal and put it together,,, ez!

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      @ec2406 thanks you very much

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      thats class so theres no lathe work required

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      Is there much spare time? Or will I be working up until the end?

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