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    Does Anyone Do This Subject? Gujguhi

    Do anyone do technology and if so, got any decent notes (or any notes at all, I'm screwed anyway)?

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      Ohms law

      LED- Light Emitting Diode positive leg is longer (anode) negative leg is shorter (cathode)

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      how are you screwed for technology?

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      I honestly just find it impossible, and my lack of interest in it doesn't help either.

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      don't worry just guess if you have to

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      What I do to study short questions at the start of the exam in section A is

      1. Look over marking scheme for short questions of any year and see what type of answers they're looking for.

      2. Try to do a whole section A of a different year, but look at the marking scheme when your stuck. Teachers tell you not to but really it's down to the way that helps you study best.

      3. Try to do a whole section A without the marking scheme, on a different year

      Hope this helps. From what I've seen from the marking schemes, they're not too picky on detail. For a lot of them there's more than one correct answer that you could write. The spaces they give you to write are small, so you don't have to write an essay on identifying the positive leg of an L.E.D ... XD

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