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    guaranteed questions ? sj123

    what questions are guaranteed to come up in the junior cert exam or are most likely to ?

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      Section A (Short Questions) has 32 questions. You are marked on your 25 best answers. All these questions are random except the last two are usually drawing questions. There's usually a question on Truth Tables/Logic Gates as well and most questions tend to be repeated, so if you go through every year of Short Questions and learn all the answers you should be fine

      Section B

      Question 1a requires you to draw sketches and there will be a question on design

      Question 1b requires you to draw a development and there will be a question on design

      Question 2a is always based on Circuits

      Question 2b is always based on Mechanics

      Section C - This requires you to answer ONLY 1 question so if you're prepared for 1 or 2 questions, you'll be fine

      Question 3 is Technology and Society (My teacher said this is the easiest and I think I agree)

      Question 4 is Control Systems and Technology and Society (Robotics)

      Question 5 is Design and Manufacture (My teacher never bothered teaching us this)

      Question 6 is Control Systems (Truth tables, logic gates etc)

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      Do you have any notes?

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      Did anyone do the exam yet? What's on it

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