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Help! Ordinary classics!
by BeckahBlah Leaving Cert Classical Studies — 21/05/17 5

Can anyone give me tips for Alexander the great for OL and roman art and arch? My schools first year doing classics and I'm still a bit dodgy on parts /.\

hipatia — 16/06/16
In what year are you? I have notes on Roman art and architecture for higher level
BeckahBlah — 16/06/16
6th year, I'm doing ordinary :)
John1534 — 16/06/16
Talk to Kevinkeane97 on snapchat he never failed a test he knows everything
Mayowa_5677 — 20/05/17
@hipatia may I have the higher level notes for roman art and architecture
lizdp — 21/05/17
http://www.caiteachers.com/resources/documents/ :)
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