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    Predictions JennoMC

    Any predictions for Alexander, Plato, or Greek Drama?

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      Ryan O'Shea

      Greek drama won't be Medea, Prometheus or Oedipus anyway - They came up last year and cannot again! Don't waste your time on them! Also, I suggest you study Darius in detail as he has never been asked and it is even more likely he comes up this year than last!

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      What are you talking about Medea and oedipus come up every year, they have to they're prescribed texts

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      Ryan O'Shea

      No, they came up last year - No repeating in exams. It's very rare. I think Darius is a guaranteed question for Alexander as is Thebes.

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      medea comes up every year you spoon

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      hahahahhaahahaa spastic

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      2016,2015,2014,2013,2012,2011,2010 Medea has come up its a prescribed text like wow honestly

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