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    Should I or should I not..? XXX---XXX

    Hi, I'm doing history for the Leaving Cert and I really like it but, I preferred all the ancient history we had in Junior Cert and I recently heard about classical studies. I didn't do it for my Junior Cert although I understand it's all about the Greeks, Romans, art and their culture. I'm just wondering if it's a bad idea to even do classical studies if I haven't even done it for Junior Cert, also it's not available in my school. I think I'd have the patience to actually do it myself, obviously seeking advice from a teacher of that subject in the future. I really like ancient history and I see it as a hobby more than a subject so I'm extremely interested in it. Anyway, what do you think?

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      I am currently studying Classic having never studied it for Junior Cert! It is relatively easy compared to other subjects but some concepts are a bit difficult to understand without the help of a teacher. I am doing it as an extra subject and honestly it has been one of my better ideas! I also study History but the two exam papers, both the layout and style are completely different, classics is by far easier! However to study it without the help of a teacher probably isn't the best idea! Hope this ramble gave you some good advice :) Good Luck!

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      I'll probably forget about it unless it becomes available in my school but thanks for the advice!

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      I got an A at the junior cert at higher level for classics, and decided to pick it up for the leaving too. Worst decision I ever made. I find it extremely difficult. You have to do 6 essays within the 3 hours for the exam and they expect so much detail in the answers. It is interesting, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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      Studyclix is useless

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      I study Classical studies, It's not as easy as people may think it is, when you actually come up to the leaving cert, you have to write 6 essays in 3 hours, in other words 3-4 pages every 30 mins. If you like ancient history then go for it. I also study history and I think if you combine both You will be able to write essay much faster for every subject especially english.

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