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dan1223 Leaving Cert Engineering — 23/06/16 10

what are yous learning for this?

Ross_4845 — 06/06/16
rapid prototyping
Ross_4845 — 06/06/16
sla sls fdm etc
cjcunningham — 06/06/16
Prescribed topic 2016 by ciaran Callahan
dan1223 — 06/06/16
what are you focusing on for it tho?
cjcunningham — 06/06/16
I'd say rapid for sure and for selective laser and stereolithography know what makes them different pros and cons
Ross_4845 — 06/06/16
also the 5 common steps to all rapid prototyping machines and the future applications and that should easily cover you
Ross_4845 — 07/06/16
know definitions like dual extruader, , prototype rapid prototyyping etc. There advantages in the modern world eg. manufacturing of parts quickly cheeply etc Hope it helps
Bengee — 07/06/16
Some notes if needed https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eopvkc7zrjp0dwi/AAAyIB2b3q0jJan0_Pddbqpia?dl=0
Shorten323 — 07/06/16
DEB mock paper anyone?
Dank — 23/06/16
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