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    structures Charles_5165

    is it really necessary to learn wat a structure is

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      Hi Charles!

      I personally believe that it is a necessity to learn what a structure is, in order to "structure" your grade! Without a proper answer your result would be a "shell" of what it could be.But if you "arch" out and "beam" yourself to a higher grade,by thinking outside the "box", come august you might "frame" your higher level result!

      Best wishes


      P.S. I believe its spelled "what" ,perhaps some research into the english language would do no harm!

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      structure is necessary as it is part of the core section which are 2 question you have to answer with no choice.

      attachment Tech- Structures.txt

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      also a part of structures

      P.S. apologies for spelling / grammer mistakes

      attachment Tech- Structures- Forces.txt

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