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    The practical!!! Please help urgent :( niamha1

    So Whats the story with the tech project... I'm nowhere near done and it's due on April 8th.

    I have a cardboard prototype built and my Base is completed.. I have a servo motor which I'm happy with the movement but I haven't built my project or finished my write up ? :(

    Apparently the project doesn't actully have to be completed?

    Can anyone give me advice as I've been off school sick and there is no one else in my tech class...

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      do you mean music practicals? because I dont do either of those subjects! Hope this helps....:)

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      Well I did my Junior Cert in 2014 and Technology was the subject I was most worried about. Because I did absolutely nothing with my projects for months and then I had to do everything at the end. My project was shit but I still got a C because I did pretty well in the written exam. My portfolio was quite good though so I assume that's where I got most of my marks. A lot of easy marks can be obtained from the portfolio

      Look at the marking schemes for the projects on (They're not on studyclix) and that should tell you what is expected for your design and your design folder. Remember 40% of the marks are going for your folder and the remaining 60% for your actual product. So if you're artifact is shit, you can still get quite a lot of marks for your portfolio.

      There are some sample portfolios on . You can look at that and understand what you need to do for your own one.

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      Just realised this is leaving cert. Oops, sorry

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      Thank you so much mystic maniac,

      I seem to be moving a lot quicker these days with my project and I'm getting tonnes done.

      I dont think my idea is bad, I think my artifact will work and I have designed the whole base and project itself.

      Its just the part of getting the movements on the mechanism working correctly. I've had 7 tech classes since I wrote that post and I cant believe how much I've gotten done. You'r so right with the slow progress but doing everything at the very end!!

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