About Studyclix

Hi! Welcome to Studyclix! On this page you’ll find out a little more about who we are and where Studyclix began.

Studyclix is an innovative education company based at the Innovation Centre (where else!) at Sligo Institute of Technology on the west coast of Ireland. Studyclix is Luke Saunders and Keith Wright as well as a whole team of experts based throughout Ireland and indeed the World.

Studyclix began in Luke’s kitchen in 2009 with the simple goal of making exams easier for students doing, and teachers teaching, the junior and leaving cert exams. Studyclix gathers in one place, the best learning resources on the Internet relevant to the Irish curriculum. From it’s humble beginnings Studyclix has had over 150,000 users since launching in April 2012.

A little more about us

Luke Saunders, CEO and Content manager
After studying Zoology at TCD, working as a creative in an advertising agency, a labourer on a building site, and a door-to-door salesman in Australia, Luke finally settled into a career as a secondary school teacher in County Sligo. Luke now looks after making sure everything on Studyclix makes the lives of students and teachers a bit easier.

Keith Wright, CTO and main developer
Keith Wright is an award winning software engineer with a background in making big websites for very important people. Keith makes our ideas happen by looking after the technical side of Studyclix and without him these words would exist only on Luke’s laptop!

Studyclix is a community, and through teachers and students adding videos, notes and forum posts to the community, the website will improve for everyone. Please get involved and help build the Studyclix community.

After lots of hard work and plenty of support from the CEIM programme at IT Sligo as well as Sligo county enterprise board, Studyclix launched in April 2012. Since then we have grown and grown to where we are today, one of Ireland’s most used study websites with over 150,000 users and counting.

We love getting feedback (good and bad!) and we love hearing ideas of how we can improve the site. You can contact us on info@Studyclix.ie.

Studyclix will always be completely free for teachers and students will always have free access to any resources uploaded by teachers. We hope to pay our bills through hosting ads and having students pay a small subscription for full access to the site.

If you really like what we do, why not like us on facebook or follow us on twitter. And if you really really like we do, please tell your friends about us.

And finally, thanks for using Studyclix!